Grand Theft Auto IV For PC?

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Update: GTA IV will be released for PC on 21 november for everyone except the US which has been delayed to December 02 2008.

More info here.

Will Grand Theft Auto IV be released for PC? Every other game in the series has been, so are Rock Star obligated to? People world wide are intrigued to know if GTA4 will be released to PC users. Since GTA1 the game was made for PC. GTA2, GTA3, GTA Vice city and GTA San Andreas soon followed and were released on PC. However, what have Rock star done in the last 3 years? The Stories series were never released on PC, and were PSP first grabs. Not to mention cutting The Stories series short by 1. Rock Star released GTA4 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms on Tuesday 29th of April and currently only talk of GTA4 being released on PC. No real facts from Rock star themselves has had PC gamers a little worried. Though there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Looks like grand theft auto 4 for pc could be released as early as November the 30th 2008. So don’t rush out and buy a Console, stay strong and Wait this one out.

GTA IV has similar aspects to previous games in the series. The game play consists of elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game, giving the player a large, open environment in which to move around. On foot, the player’s character is capable of walking, running, swimming, climbing and jumping, as well as utilising weapons and basic hand to hand combat. Players can steal and drive a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, boats, helicopters, motorcycles and many more.

The game is set in a new and improved version of liberty city, “wow, that is a change…” and is said to be smaller than the actual size of San Andreas, but the biggest single city to be presented in the series. Game makers state that to start from one side of the city and cross to the other will take you over one hour to achieve. The game also features actual landmarks that are found in New York city where the game is set. Hopefully GTA IV for PC will be released in the near future.

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  1. GTA IV Says:

    It HAS to come for the pc..

    Or else im gonna freak out 😛

  2. GTA IV Says:

    It Should come for pc..

    its our hope!

  3. matt Says:

    as much as i want it to come out for the pc, i really think it wont because it cost rockstar more than $100000 to make GTA IV but yet they already have alot of money so..

  4. Hardy Says:

    Rockstar have not yet released Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories. Sony and Microsoft have paid them a huge sum. Even their representative said “No comments” when enquired about PC release.

  5. Hardy Says:

    All we Loyal PC Gamers have no option but to wait and watch. Buying XBOX 360 or PS3 for our all time favourite game (GTA 4)…….NEVER….This is a time when we need to show our loyalty and solidarity towards our PC for the endless hours of gaming joy it has provided us and a few hours of frustation too.

  6. RAINBOW Says:

    I hope it comes out sooon! Until then, we will just have to stick to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and GTA 3 on our PCs…..Ah! HELP US ROCKSTAR NORTH, TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE!

  7. Hemi Cuda Says:

    Like what Hardy said in previous posts, if we stick to PC and dont give in by buying a 360 or a ps3 the market for a PC release is still there. Hopefully Rockstar will keep there PC freinds happy and give them what they want, GTA4!!!…

  8. Polardrummer Says:

    GTA4 will be released on PC, but it maybe sometime yet. Hopefully by next year it will be made for PC.

  9. stavros Says:

    Following the earlier announcement from Rockstar Games about the release date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, French website Jeux Expo is reporting that the PC version of the game will be launched in Europe in October 2008.

  10. Wardealer Says:

    What is Grand Theft Auto?Is it good game like dota?

  11. GyGaByTe Says:

    if they spent over 100000$ making GTA IV they can spent more for making it on pc.They will get make more money if they will make it for PC but i think that they want to help
    Sony with the PS3 or Microsoft with the xbox

  12. jatt Says:

    i m just going 2 say that they have 2 launch gta4 on pc.

  13. Unos Says:

    yea i’m upset i found out its not out on PC No im not wasting my money on a 360 or playstation(so i have to buy another one in a year)….think about it those 2 most likely paid for exclusive rights for GTA IV for so many months….Rockstar is afraid of us hacking into it and making those awsome MODS we so love

  14. REccON Says:

    I agree worst thing to do right now would be to buy a console just so we’d be able to play gta4 … i am sure some will,but if they won’t make PC version then give them a taste of theyr own medicine!

  15. Ime Says:

    I found a release date and a video comparison on youtube. Now if its real or not you be the judge but it looks like Novenber.

  16. Thastrogg (kallesmamm) Says:


  17. 090 Says:

    what about psp

  18. 090 Says:


  19. Hemi Cuda Says:

    Umm, lets see… The PSP wouldnt even be able to play GTA IV

  20. brandon Says:

    i never played number

  21. dandrake Says:

    hey i got pc links of gta 4!!!!!!!!

  22. admin Says:

    What do you mean by pc links??

  23. R*Prophet Says:

    A $100,000 budget? More like $10,000,000. Yes, Ten million dollars. That’s how much hey spent on putting this one together. Firstly, a nice little chunk of that ten million dollar budget came from Microsoft for the development of the X360 version, and a bit of that chunk may also have been an incentive to Rockstar to bring it to Vista under the “Games for Windows” label, to help boost vista sales. You know, help kill two birds with one stone for Microsoft. Secondly, this game with its new engine is just SCREAMING to be played on a PC, and thirdly, how do you think they put the game together in the first place? On a PC. It’ll be out for PC once they get it supporting the very wide range of PC hardware setups that everyone has. Consoles are just the beta testers for the PC version, you watch, It’ll be out.

  24. R*Prophet Says:

    I was wrong, it’s close to a $100,000,000. A hundred million dollar budget. My bad.

  25. 123150 Says:

    Hello people, do you know, can I download GTA 4 from american sites for free, and, if I can, from which sites?

    Здорово народ, вы случайно не знаете, могу ли я скачать ГТА 4 с американских сайтов даром, и, если могу, то с каких?

  26. gta iv pc Says:

    […] the 30th 2008. …. IF gta IV DONT COME TO PC IM GONNA COLLAPSE AND START SAVING MONEY IN 2 … Will GTA IV Come to the PC? IGN: Will GTA IV Come to the PC …… I’ve realized that the rest […]

  27. AJ Says:

    I think that from all the responses mentioned above the one by R*Prophet makes sense.

  28. Slash Says:

    AJ, your wrong… You dumb ass

  29. Gorlia Says:

    If GTA IV won`t come for PC version my dream will be crushed like a hammer hitting the pie!!! Plus why every other GTA games are on PC AND THIS GTA IV FOR PC? HUHHHH??????? F*** YOU ROCKSTAR IF YOU DONT MAKE A GTA IV FOR PC BUT COME IT IS H+THAT HARD TO MAKE A F***ING GAME FOR PC?? HUHHHHHHH?

  30. Gorlia Says:


  31. Ben Says:

    Yes it will be released for the PC, eventually. Yes they have a HUGE budget, with donations from Microsoft and Sony. Whether they would gain a substantial amount of revenue from a PC release is doubtfull due to the increased popularity of torrent sites and unauthorised downloads. Though it will be available sometime…

  32. big balls Says:

    maaaaaaaan,gta 4 pc ,maaaaan, they better put it on pc maaaaaaaan, coz im like watin maaaan like ma balls are like getting smaller maaaaaan

  33. biger balls Says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i am stil like watin maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  34. Fadi is king Says:

    I want to play gta 4 on pc hahaaaaa

  35. nick Says:

    idiota fdp

  36. Drilonn Says:

    I Like This Game

  37. Chicku Says:

    Just got some info, its releasing this month end

  38. Hemi Says:

    Umm, chicko!!! I already know that… Our latest post states that…

  39. admin Says:

    Hemi is correct but I updated this post just incase.

  40. jam Says:

    im hoping it dose get releast

  41. kallesmamm Says:

    wtf? thastrogg who r yo?

  42. danny Says:

    is the best game ever

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