Is It Best To Turn Computers Off Overnight?

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It is a common dilemma for people to contemplate whether or not turning off their computers overnight is beneficial. While there is potential for a reduction in the wearing of hardware because it is running 8 hours less per day, there is also a posibility that turning hardware on and off repeatedly (especially hard drives) can cause more damage than leaving them on for extended periods of time.

The general concensus seems to be that either option is fine because the effect on the hardware is too insignificant to cause damage. Servers can be left on 24/7 and run fine for years untouched, but at the same time hardware is now manufactured quite delicately and can usually withstand being turned off and on.  Ofcourse, this statement only applies to computer setups that provide adequate environments for optimal function. eg. having fans to reduce temperature.

Some of the pros for leaving computers on overnight include; allowing time to complete downloads/uploads and not having to worry about the high bandwidth use effecting your web browsing, it is more efficient to be able to leave particular programs or browser windows open and be able to access them straight away the next day and the potential to increase the life of components.

Some cons include; a greater amount of heat is exhausted and can damage components if not properly ventilated, the extra power usage can increase the price of your electricity bill and lastly, the potential for hard disks to deteriorate or become corrupted after starting and stopping continuously.

Whether or not you choose to shut down your computer every night, the decision you make will most likely not damage your hardware or have drastic effects on anything. It is still advisable to weigh up the pros and cons as you might end up saving a buck or 2 every day or renouncing paranoia due to an uneducated decision.

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