Call of Duty 5: World at War

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The new version in the Call of Duty series has been announced.  CoD: World at War is the 5th release in the popular series and will be available on PC, Playsatation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The game remains in the WW2 era and plans to be released by the end of 2008.

Some gamers are angry that Infinity Ward will not be developing it like they have with previous versions. Instead, CoD World at War will be developed by Treyarch.

Here is a trailer from the official site:


Internet Security and Your iPhone


The rise in power of the personal computer and the advent of the Internet has led to many amazing technological innovations. Just twenty years ago, something as complex as the worldwide web would seem unfathomable, now it is hard to imagine ever living without it. Unfortunately, as with every great innovation, there are always those who take advantage of something in order to corrupt it. With the Internet, it has become hackers who threaten security. In the case of the new iPhone and it’s built-in web browser, things are no different.

In fact, the iPhone, based on the fact that it uses a “watered-down” version of Apple’s home operating system, is more susceptible to corruption via hackers. Given the lack of complexity to the browser, hackers can take on the ‘appearance’ of another, trusted website; once the hacker ropes you into their trap, there is no turning back. Almost immediately, your iPhone’s system can become corrupted.

Another drawback to the iPhone is the ability to view websites that house discussion forums. While there are no complications in accessing pages with the posts, there is no line of defense between the iPhone and posts that contain harmful, encrypted codes. Sadly, there is no way to identify these corrupted message boards.

The classic hacking method of embedding viruses and/or other corrupted material within e-mails is no stranger to the iPhone. If the hacker can trick you into opening his or her e-mail message, it might already be too late for your iPhone’s operating system. Once a virus finds its way into your OS, the outlook becomes very bleak for recovery.

But how exactly do you go about defending yourself from corrupted information that is floating around the website? Use your head! You might be able to get away with visiting shaky websites from your home computer, as your security systems are probably the highest of quality. But more discretion must be practiced with the iPhone as one click can lead to disastrous consequences.

As such, it is always a good idea to avoid opening websites unless you can claim with certainty that they will be safe—stick with the massively popular sites for your iPhone, perform more varied web surfing on a personal computer. To that end, only connect to trusted networks. Yes, it is a pain to have to wait for internet service and it can be tempting to ignore the risks and connect to any network once you receive a signal, but practice patience. It won’t do you any good to connect to a corrupted network once it wreaks havoc on your iPhone. The only thing worse than no connectivity is an iPhone that no longer can connect once there is connectivity.

The bottom line is that the iPhone cannot really compete with the security measures that can be taken on most home computers. And unfortunately, hackers will take every chance they can get to exploit this fact. This means that more caution than necessary should be used when navigating the Internet on an iPhone.

Free Vista themes for Windows XP

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Ever get sick of using the same old windows theme? if so, here’s our solution. There are many different themes that can be downloaded and installed to make your day by day PC use more pleasing for you. If you are currently running windows XP, alien ware themes can be installed on your system. There is a variety to choose from and they dramatically change the look of your windows explorer and desktop. They are free to download and simple to install.

For the people who like the look of windows vista but afford to, or choose not to buy the new operating system, there is a solution. You can download vista themes that can be installed on your XP giving you the stylish themes of vista. If you’ve already updated to windows vista, and wish to run a different kind of skin, you are able to download and install vista extras and various other mods and themes.

Themes available here:

Advantages of a 320GB pocket hard drive


Several companies are manufacturing the 320GB drive, and the customers are vying to buy it because of its small size, power efficiency as well as low acoustics. Everyone is hunting for more space and a 320GB hard drive can store approximately 72 hours of digital video and thus it is like a magic wand in the hands of tech buffs.

Its features include innovative perpendicular recording technology that always provides greater performance as well as durability. The best part is that it has great reliability and a quiet operation mode.

The weight of these devices is within the 5-7 ounces. The benefits range from carrying office files to work to carrying media in your pocket for entertainment purposes such as music, photos and videos. These devices often come with protection against scratches and dirt. Equipped with FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces, these drives come as the ultimate storage devices.

This high performance, low power, portable storage device offers all kinds of benefits for business as well personal applications. They are the perfect solution in today’s tech-savvy world where everyone is scurrying for more space and storage. The performance of a 320GB drive is lightning-fast coupled with very quiet and cool operation. The acoustics are more advanced and thus bring noise to its optimum level.

These drives are ideal for family use, photo editing, graphic design or even gaming. The new portable 320GB storage device is all set to create ripples in the electronic industry. Several companies are in the race of manufacturing it and cashing in on the craze. So shop around and grab one, you won’t regret it.

Company of Heroes – Opposing Fronts


The love between game developers and world wars is no doubt a quixotic relationship and still continues to encourage game developers to create World War II inspired games, including – “COMPANY OF HEROES”.(perhaps the one and only good thing wars have given us-inspiration to game developers)

But is the industry heading towards an overkill? We are in the year 2008, and have been bombarded with countless World War II based titles. Gamers are now becoming fed up of the same old theme being used and abused in every possible way! This is where Company of Heroes- opposing fronts comes in.

Opposing fronts (OF) is the standalone expansion to 2005’s original Company of Heroes. This is a real time strategy game.

While CoH was based entirely on the American point of view, OF lets players decide between two factions in both single and multiplayer- The Allied British or the German Panzer Elite, each of these factions comes with its own pros and cons, and is perfectly balanced out.


• Windows xp/vista
• Dual core processor 2.5 GHz
• 256 MB video card (GEforce 7x/8x/9x series should do it)
• 1 GB ram

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is a brilliant gaming experience for both multiplayer and single players. The single player campaigns are detailed to perfection and have an immense entertainment value. The in-game battles are epic and truly bring in the authentic WWII feeling. The multiplayer mode is as usual kickass as usual especially with the interplayability factor. OF also has a dynamic weather system, which means you have to fight battles in the night time as well as in the daytime, and also in rainfall.

However this little gimmick has no effect on the overall gameplay. The game looks gorgeous as expected. Watching building explode and collapse while debris files all round was fun while the game ran in all its glory at our end.

The only flaw that we could find (if it can be called a flaw) is the reccuring` world war 2 theme, which we mentioned earlier. Sure, we have had World in conflict, which is a strategy game set in the present/near future, but to have Company of Heroes – with its entire superb multiplayer and single player elements- set in the present word would be great.

The release of the new 3G iPhone


Has the original price of the iPhone caused people to reconsider buying this product? Has it’s sales not met the quota that Apple wanted to achieve when they released the original iPhone? We may never know. What we do know is; Apple has just unveiled a new version that is claimed to be faster, cheaper and have a slightly different design to the original.

The new iPhone will run on the 3G network. This means services will be more advanced than before and offer more features. Some of the services include; video calls, long distance telephone connectivity and high speed wireless broadband which will offer an incredible 14.4Mbit/s in download speeds. It also comes with a 2MP camera like the original iPhone, this is not up to par with recent cameras on the market but can still take a decent photo.

The rechargeable battery included with the phone allows an impressive 5 hours of internet use on 3G and 6 hours on Wi-Fi. Video playback is up to 7 hours and audio playback reaches over 24 hours.

The iPhone launches next month (July 11, 2008) in 20 countries, and eventually expects to reach over 70 countries worldwide. The price for the new 3G iPhone is set in the US at $199 for the 8GB version and $299 for the 16GB version.

The 3G iPhone will be the same wordwide and will use the same network. This has been confirmed by Steve Jobs when he mentioned the 3G iPhone will be tri-band. People will be able to buy it from the US and bring it back to their country. The only downside to this is power input is different in different countries and there may be language issues.


Here is the new commercial in which it is claimed the new iPhone will “surf the web and download data twice as fast for half the price.”

How to Download Youtube Videos to AVI format.

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Youtube has never had a download option on their website for people to download videos, however, there are ways to download any video you like. Some people tend to use sites like, which allow you to download videos in FLV format.  However, this method can be quite annoying because you need a special player to play them and the FLV format is not compatible with a lot of other programs.

Downloading videos is easily done with a program called vDownloader. Once you download this tiny program, all you have to do is type in the youtube URL of the video you want, and it will start downloading in AVI format. This is a very popular format and is widely used for videos. if you don’t like AVI, vDownloader also offers a range of other formats including MPEG, VCD and DVD. Plus you have the freedom to download directly to a mp3 if you are only looking for the audio.

vDownloader is completely free. I recommend you to share this with your friends because no one wants to screw around downloading foreign formats that are hardly used. Plus the fact some people are tricked into paying for FLV to AVI converters. This is purely a waste of money, so spread the word; vDownloader!

Download vDownloader for free.

iPhone versus iPod Touch

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The dilemma still rings in the minds of all; buy an iPhone or an iPod Touch? With touch screen technology reining the world, here are some easy and quick references that will help you to decide which one to buy.

The iPod Touch costs $100 US less than an iPhone. So if you are tight with your budget then the iPod Touch is probably the better option. It has double the memory of the iPhone for the same price. Again, the iPhone is physically bigger and heavier than the Touch. Although it doesn’t make much of a difference, the relatively smaller size of the Touch feels great once you hold it in your palm.

On the contrary with the Touch, you simply cannot snap a photo, as it does not have a built-in camera as the iPhone can. The iPhone is designed in such a way that it can be used with a monthly service fee.

The Touch however, comes contract-free. Hacking is possible in both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is only through Wi Fi that you can surf the internet on the iPod Touch but an iPhone uses EDGE to supplement the internet availability. Therefore, if you are away from any Wi Fi hotspots you can still access the internet. Again, there are no application that has maps on the iPod Touch, aswell as the power to view stocks, weather widgets or have Bluetooth capabilities.

If the iPod Touch is in sleeping mode, the user can tap the home button twice and that by itself will bring up touch controls on the screen. The iPod Touch has separate Video and Music applications, whereas the iPhone has both built in to one like the iPod. The touch screen of the iPod appears to be of a higher quality than iPhone but it doesn’t have a built-in external speaker.

Thus, in recent days, the war is on! We will be sure to see a creation of more diverse options when it comes to phones and multimedia devices on the market. Society will have greater challenges to face, including what devices to buy, as the market becomes more competitive.

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