Free Vista themes for Windows XP

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Ever get sick of using the same old windows theme? if so, here’s our solution. There are many different themes that can be downloaded and installed to make your day by day PC use more pleasingĀ for you. If you are currently running windows XP, alien ware themes can be installed on your system. There is a variety to choose from and they dramatically change the look of your windows explorer and desktop. They are free to download and simple to install.

For the people who like the look of windows vista but afford to, or choose not to buy the new operating system, there is a solution. You can download vista themes that can be installed on your XP giving you the stylish themes of vista. If you’ve already updated to windows vista, and wish to run a different kind of skin, you are able to download and install vista extras and various other mods and themes.

Themes available here:

6 Responses to “Free Vista themes for Windows XP”

  1. Josh Says:

    I use one like that. Why bother upgrading to vista when you make XP look just like it?

  2. Zerosleep Says:

    oh man! these themes are fcukin awesome

  3. nbk Says:

    super themes we got them so luky by balayya

  4. hayatkhan Says:

    o my friend how to download a vista theme for my pc


    friend show me the detail of downloading vista themes for my pc.when i download it then it do not kindly show me the process of it

  6. admin Says:

    These are getting old. Move over to Windows 7 instead.

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