Solutions For Failure to See Anything on Computer Screen/Monitor

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Solutions For Failure to See Anything on Computer Screen/Monitor:

– A setting in the BIOS may be conflicting with other devices. This can be solved by resetting CMOS (take out the battery on your motherboard for a few minutes then replace). All this will do is reset your BIOS settings to default and your date/time settings will be off.

– Hardware may be dusty and causing a component to fail. Dust everything out inside your case and try again.

– Components such as RAM may be in the incorrect positions/slots. Try your best to find their correct locations.

– A component may have come loose. Take care to reseat as many components as you can, while making sure all cables are plugged in.

– A component may be dead. Try to temporarily replace devices one by one to try and find problem. For example using a spare graphics card and trying to boot or taking the GPU out completely and testing out the onboard.

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