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Ultramon is a great dual monitor program that I have been using lately with my dual monitors and although it’s features are simple, they are very handy. Some of the key features include a button up the top of the screen that lets you easily switch your current window from one screen to the other with one click instead of having to drag it. Another good feature is the option to have a different wallpaper on each screen, or stretch one image accross both screens. This is not possible with just Windows.

Ultramon also ads a taskbar onto the other screen if you are extending your windows desktop. This is a handy feature and lets you easily distinguish which programs are running on what screens.

Unfortunately Ultramon is only shareware. This means it is a free dual monitor program you can only use it for 30 days before you are asked to buy the program (or pirate it). This program is only forĀ  dual monitor users so don’t waste your time if you are running a single.

Here is a full list of features:

  • 2 additional title bar buttons for managing windows among the monitors
  • A taskbar on each additional monitor that displays tasks on that monitor
  • Pre-defined application window placement
  • Display profiles for multiple pre-defined display settings
  • Spannable wallpaper option
  • Different wallpapers for different monitors
  • Advanced multiple-monitor screensaver management
  • Display mirroring (Forces to software rendering)
  • Overcome Windows’ limit of 10 displays

Ultramon is shareware so you can download a free trial here. A single license will cost $39.95 if you want to buy a copy.

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