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Updated list as of 14 September 2008:



ATI or Nvidia? Nvidia or ATI? these are the questions that a lot of people ask. Some users are biased and choose to go with brand loyalty, they never really experiment or even recognise any other brands or products. Both manufacturers have produced some powerful cards in the last year. Here are the ones that made it into the top ten:

  1. Nvidia 9800gx2 1g Gddr3 ($849.00)
  2. ATI 3870×2 1gb Gddr3 ($630.00)
  3. Nvidia 8800 ultra 768mb Gddr3 ($649.00)
  4. Nvidia 9800gtx 512mb Gddr3 ($419.00)
  5. Nvidia 8800gtx 768mb Gddr3 ($729.00)
  6. Nvidia 8800gts 512mb Gddr3 (g92) ($399.00)
  7. Nvidia 8800gt 512mb Gddr3 ($279.00)
  8. Nvidia 8800gts 640mb and 320mb Gddr3 (g80core) ($349.00)
  9. ATI 3870 512mb Gddr4 ($279.00)
  10. Nvidia 9600gt 512mb Gddr3 ($190.00)

(Price’s are only a guide, brands and place of purchase vary in price)

Many people have heard about the new Nvidia 9900 series cards that are said to be released sometime during July, and have decided to hold onto their cash until then. Personally, if i was in the market for a new card, i would seriously think about waiting until this one comes out. It is scheduled to be released in July, priced at $500+, along with ATI’s new 4000 series.

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  1. KSJoholm Says:

    I have 2 9800gx2’s in sli, but had some issues with it. Colours and shading wernt right, though i had the correct drivers…

  2. AlexAxe Says:

    Not enought information

    Thank you

  3. Joker Says:

    Can i get a one small photo from your blog?


  4. admin Says:

    I’m not sure what you’re asking… but yes.

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