Three simple optimization tips for Windows XP.

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When using the start menu of an XP computer, you will notice a delay between different programs you scroll across. To make your computer browsing experience quicker it would be better to eliminate this period of delay so they come up instantly. To do so, follow the steps here. They are completely safe.

Go to Start, then Run.

Type: ‘Regedit’ and press enter.
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
Select MenuShowDelay from the list on the right.
Right on it and select Modify.
Change the value to 0.
Restart your computer.

You will notice immediately that you can navigate around installed programs a lot faster.

A few random shortcuts to assist you:

Windows Key + E – Windows Explorer
Windows Key + F – Launch Find tool
Windows Key + U – Launch the Utility Manager
Windows Key + Pause/Break – System Properties
Windows Key + D – Minimize/minimize current all windows.
Windows Key + L – Quick Log Off

Windows Key + M – Minimize all windows

Windows Key + R – Launch Run Tool

Lastly, to disable effects Windows XP uses for your own personal convenience or enhanced computer performance, Right click My Computer, go to Properties, then Advanced, then Settings under Performance and have a little play around with these until you are happy.

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