Reasons Why Your CPU is Running Too Hot or Overheating

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If you have recently upgraded your CPU and noticed the temperatures are quite high or higher than what others are experiencing with the same CPU, there are a few things to check first.

  • Make sure you are using  a reliable program to monitor temps like Speedfan or CPU-Z found here.
  • Your heatsink has poor contact with the CPU and isn’t providing adequate cooling.
  • Too much or not enough thermal paste.
  • Haven’t pushed all the pins on the heatsink down.
  • Some CPUs simply run hot. Either from a poor quality batch or some other reason.
  • You are overclocking too much.

Simply upgrading the cooler and quality of thermal paste will make a major difference to the temperature in which your CPU operates at. Coolers which operate with heat pipes keep your CPU cooler as they disperse the heat better. You can also choose to run liquid cooled setups, but they are generally expensive and dont make that much of a difference from a good Heat pipe fan cooled CPU cooler.

Amongst different components in a computer, the CPU is one of the most important to keep cool. The central processing unit is the place where all your activites are processed. This might be as simple as running a word processor to running a high detail game. This is why it needs high priority to be cooled most efficiently. CPUs are one of the most expensive parts to a computer.  Extra care should always be taken to make sure there is no overheating present, else you could find yourself having to replace it.

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  1. Red Car Says:

    Thanks for the tips. There were a few things i forget to try when my cpu was overheating.

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