Looking to Buy a Computer; Desktop or Laptop?

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Lots of people buy computers everyday, however it is a difficult task for some. Deciding between a laptop and desktop PC is an easy decision once you evaluate what tasks you are going to complete with the computer and where you plan to use it. Things like price, computer specs (specifications), portability and style + design are all important factors to consider before purchasing.

One of the most important considerations is; in what environment you are going to use it? If you are just using it at home and don’t need to move it around a lot, a desktop PC would be ideal. However, if you want to use it in multiple locations eg.(on the train, school, work, lying in bed) a laptop would be more suitable. Ofcourse, if you don’t want to move it around, a laptop is more compact and will take up less space inside your house.

Better prices and specs are both reasons to get a desktop PC over a laptop. PCs are drastically cheaper than laptops and have better performance for what you pay. If you see a cheap laptop advertised, you will be able to find a better performing PC for a cheaper price. Desktop PCs are also easily upgradeable. This means you can add extra fans, upgrade video card, motherboard and add your own cards into PCI slots. None of this can be done easily with a laptop.

Whether you decide to buy a desktop PC or a laptop make sure you are happy with the specs and design. Be careful to think about what is best for you before you go into a shop and let a sales person force you into a sale.

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  1. Slash Says:

    hehe laying in bed, lmao

  2. admin Says:

    What’s wrong with that??

  3. Peter Says:

    Yeah I use my laptop in my bed all the time.

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