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Electronic Artists (EA) have announced that they will be releasing a sequal to the PC killing Crysis. But! will it be as demanding as the first game was? When Crysis was first released people were going out and spending thousands of dollars on computer parts in order to max our Crysis. I can remember when folks were saying, “Hey, i run 2 8800 GTS’s in Sli and i can play Crysis on high”. That setup is realy quite out dated now, and looks to be that they just wasted their cash on two crappy cards. This is a perfect example of how quick technology is moving, whats great today will be crappy in a few months, and the only way to keep up will be to update which means you are spending your hard earned dollars.

Now, by the time Crysis warhead will be released, it would have been about one year since the first game was realsed. This means one years worth of technological improvements, which should mean where in for a killer. A monster of a game with the best graphics we’ve ever seen on a PC game yet. If Crysis Warhead is to live up to its originality, i believe graphics wise we’re in for a treat. But, there’s that problem again .. will your PC be able to cope playing the game? If you are looking at buying a graphics card now, by the time Crysis Warhead is released it will be out dated. Even before the game is released, it’s causing problems for it’s fans. EA is even selling its own branded computers guaranteeing to perform well while playing the game. But i highly recommend you don’t purchase this PC, and by saying that .. do not buy any PC’s or parts from LightStorm Computers.

Will Crysis Warhead live up to its hype? maybe, maybe not. we will just have to wait this one out.

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