Change the look of your XP computer.

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After trying this software out for the first time today I am very happy with what it can do. After installing a 15mb program I have been able to make numerous changes to the look of my computer, mostly noticeably the taskbar. Here is a before and after shot of my taskbar:

This and several other mods can be implemented all with the install of Windows Blinds. Although I downloaded this program for free, it infact a trial version (30 days). The full version is available for $19.95 which you can purchase from their website.

Personally I find it really annoying when programs charge to use them. This is a reason why we at PC Curb tend to review freeware software, as it is open to a larger audience. Despite this it is worth the download, even if you just want to test it out. For a full screenshot of what my browser looked like check here: beforeafter .

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9 Responses to “Change the look of your XP computer.”

  1. mrm3x1can Says:

    did my comment show up?

  2. admin Says:

    Doesn’t look like it.

  3. mrm3x1can Says:

    i tried twice, the first time i summited my real comment and nothing happened, but now i tried again and it said something about duplicate comment, so it must have gone through, whats wrong with this?

  4. admin Says:

    The only messages we have received are the two you just made. What was your original one if you can remember?

  5. mrm3x1can Says:

    i tried again but nothing, i think it has to do with it being long, maybe there is a glitch or something with the comment system, happens all the time with most blogs

  6. admin Says:

    Email it to:

  7. mrm3x1can. Says:

    ive been having windowblinds for a while now. i have the “eminence” theme right now.
    real nice. i also have object dock plus installed along with google sidebar.
    here is a screenshot

    as you can see, i have the taskbar on top and the dock on bottom.
    (might be mac envy lol)
    and here is a screenshot with my windows minimize

    as you can see, i also have visual tasktips installed so i can
    get mini window previews like in vista.
    what do you think of my desktop?

  8. admin Says:

    Ok it was blocking it because you posted URLs in your comment. I’ll try and get that fixed.

    Desktop looks awesome, yeah the dock makes it look more like a mac.

  9. Slash Says:

    I dont realy like these skins, they seem alittle poor, and the start button has gotta be the weirdest known to man…

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