Awesome PC Setup Saturday. Week 1

Awesome PC Setup Saturday 1.0 Add a comment!

Welcome to the first Awesome Setup Saturday. This is a weekly post of a cool looking computer setup.

Here is a dual/multi monitor setup. As you can see in the second photo, setups like this can be good for doing several things at once like watching TV and surfing the net.

Click to enlarge.

7 Responses to “Awesome PC Setup Saturday. Week 1”

  1. Julius B. Thyssen Says:

    It’s also good for wasting way too much resources of the planet. I.e. 5 times what you are entitled to by nature..

  2. admin Says:

    I think it’s just fine by nature.

  3. Julius B. Thyssen Says:

    Right, because you don’t want to know the truth;

    If every human being on the planet would have a PC setup like that, we would need 9 planets. We have only 1. Just let that sink in for a while. Maybe one day you’ll understand what this means..

  4. admin Says:

    You’re an extremist and a hypocrite. Why are you on a computer? You should sell it and go buy some trees and food for starving Africans.

  5. wow Says:

    hypocritical bastards

  6. Hemi Says:

    People like that make me angry, go support some african kid, dont complain to a PC site.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    @Julius B. Thyssen

    We may only have one planet, but we also have one sun. And that has been around for how many million years? Solar power just about equals unlimited energy.

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