Awesome PC Setup Saturday. Week 5

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I thought it was time to post a simpler setup, compared to the flow of dual setups that have been posted in the lately. Anyway the case, monitor and chair all combine for a nice, simple setup. The clear space on the desk and cleanliness of it is probably something that a lot of people are very jealous of!

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Demonoid is back!!!


Demonoid, the highly popular bittorrent site and tracker has returned with a new admin. Users of this invite-only site would know it has been down for months and there was doubt it would ever return.

Here is the message from new admin Umlauf:

Welcome back!

Since a few months ago, Deimos, the site administrator, lacks the necessary time to take care of the website, because of personal matters he’s been needing to attend to. For this reason, he has decided to leave the site staff.

Before leaving, he assigned a new site administrator from among his friends to take care of the site. The old moderator team will continue helping with the site, unchanged. We will try to keep running everything just as it always has been.

The trackers and website seem to be working properly, and should any issues arise, they will be taken care of as soon as possible. The site might be going on and offline over the next days as we work out any problems.

Welcome back, and enjoy your stay!

Demonoid Site admin

Awesome PC Setup Saturday. Week 4

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As you can see this is quite a nice gaming setup. The desk area around the monitors looks a bit messy, the owner must be a very intense gamer. Also if anyone has any comments on this setup feel free to leave a comment.

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You really can blend a whole computer.

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Well I stumbled along this video and thought I would share it. Wouldn’t we all like one of these blenders in our office?

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